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David R.  Cook, International Best Selling, Award-Winning Author, is considered by many to be a leading authority on sales training, coaching, and sales motivation in the United States and around the world. He has 30+ years of experience at various levels in the corporate world and a proven track record of highly successful sales experience.

He has received awards throughout his career which are too numerous to count, include: CEO Club, President’s Club the Joe Berneski Leadership Award for Outstanding Leadership Skills and so on. Go to his Linked page for more information.

David R. Cook has been a guest speaker at conferences in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, New Orleans, New Haven and many more.

Dave’s expertise in sales keeps him in demand as a sales trainer, and motivational speaker. He has a way of motivating those around him thus bringing people to a level of excellence they never knew possible.

About David R. Cook - David R. Cook



Imagine you’re sitting in a room with the best salesman ever, and you ask him (and he is willing) to tell you all his best techniques…this is the information you get from this book.

– Steve P.


Perfect book for anyone who wants to learn to sell like a champ. David Cook delivers all the secrets.

– J. Richards


Great book and great author. It will take your sales career to a whole new level.

– C. Copeland

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