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Best Selling, Award-Winning, Author David R. Cook Has a Way of Motivating Those Around Him that is Unparalleled!

After spending time with Dave people feel as if they can take on the world. They are excited, pumped up and ready to sell!

After Training – Your Salespeople Will Discover… or Rediscover

  • How to Build a ‘Burning Desire’ Within Your Customers for Your Products and Services
  • How to Create Urgency: Reasons for Your Customers to Purchase Now!
  • Shorten Your Sales Cycle
  • Trial Close
  • Assumptive Close
  • Takeaway Close
  • Third-Party Close
  • Why Asking Open-Ended Questions is Such an Effective Strategy
  • The Importance of Enthusiasm and Benefits
  • How to Schedule Your Follow Up Calls/Meetings, So YOU Are in Control of Your Sale
  • How to Know When to Stop Selling, and Start Closing Your Sale
  • Plus, Much More

If You Want to Increase Your Sales, Get Dave for Your Next Event, NOW!

(Currently Booked Through March) Dave makes sales training and the sales process simple, and fun. Like he says, “Why make it difficult?” You want to get your people fired up? You have found the person you are looking for. Period. Schedule Now.

“Dave Cook is an absolute sales
guru. Anyone having the good
fortune to be around him will
benefit from his experience and
infectiously competitive nature.”

– Ron Tuckfield, Memec,
Global Director

“Dave possesses a singularly
unique and utterly remarkable
ability to make those around him
feel great about themselves.”

– Jeffery Rock,Senior VP,
Strada investments

“Dave has a fantastic attitude, a 
great work ethic and so much 
knowledge of sales.”

– Stacey Smith,
Director of Sales, BLR

Also…And Taken From His Highly Successful Online Master Class
Dave Will Discuss ‘LIVE’ His Sales Training Expertise with Your Sales Team.

  • What separates sales stars from sales SUPERSTARS.
  • Why you need to understand customers don’t buy your products and services – they buy something else, and the sooner you know what that ‘something’ is, the sooner you’ll see your sales start to soar!
  • If you can manage to do this single thing when you first meet a customer, you’ve gotten yourself more than halfway to making the sale (and, no, it’s not getting their attention).
  • 6 simple ways you can motivate your customers to buy NOW.
  • The one word you should say over and over in your sales presentation.
  • The “Rocking Chair Technique” – how to get your customers in a buying frame of mind.
  • 2 key phrases that give customers ‘subliminal permission’ to buy what you’re selling.
  • How to use the power of suggestion to get people to buy before you’ve even finished your presentation.
  • When your customer says this ‘single’ word, pay attention if you want to increase your chance of making a sale.
  • Have you ever asked your customer’s forgiveness for doing your job? Find out why you should. This is critical.
  • Think people don’t like to be sold? I’ve got a story about a little old sailboat that’ll convince you otherwise – and reveal one of the most important lessons about sales you’ll ever hear.
  • Words and phrases that are definite deal-killers – find out what they are and how to avoid them.
  • Don’t know the answer to a customer’s question? Don’t panic! Here’s how to turn the situation to your definite advantage.
  • 14 “Sales Gold Nuggets” – If just one of these trustworthy tips work for you, your sales and your quality of life will go up!

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