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How To Be A GREAT Salesperson…
By Monday Morning!

In My Online Master Class
I Reveal All the Easy
Practical Steps You Can Take

– Start Closing More Sales,
– Satisfying More Customers,
– Making More Money and Living a Better Life!



Hear what others have to say about my sales training course:

“I rank David R Cook’s work alongside the work and ideas of other current Superstars in Sales and Sales Training, including: Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk.”

                                                                                                                        -Miles Cobbett


“Many sales trainers would say you’re giving too much information! I’ve spent thousands of dollars on books and audios over the years to get the ‘secrets’ to sales success, but very few of those ever measured up to what they promised. The quality of information found in your book is rare. Thank you!”

                                                                                                                     -Mark Benver


“As a seasoned sales professional of 20 years and 7-year sales training veteran, new and innovative sales techniques are something for which I am always on the hunt. David Cook simplifies the sales process with practices that are easy to understand and, more importantly, employ.”

                                                                                                                       -Abigail Weber


Hello My Fellow Colleague!

Wouldn’t it be great if on the day your company releases sales stats got you as excited as a kid on Christmas morning?

That’s exactly how you’d feel if YOUR name was sitting on top of the sales leaderboard in your organization… or if that shiny “#1 in Sales” trophy was sitting front and center on YOUR desk!

Don’t think it could happen?

Of course, it could!

Yes, it takes practice and persistence.

But becoming a top sales performer is not magic, and how to do it is no mystery.

Are those same few people always making all the sales in your business? Believe me, they’re not smarter or more talented than you. And they’re not “just lucky,” either.

They simply know some key things about selling that you don’t – Yet!

But once you join my Online Video Master Class, How To Be A Great Salesperson… By Monday Morning!, those secrets do become YOURS!

You will get simple, PROVEN techniques you can start using immediately… as soon as your very next sales call!


Which Skills Do You NEED the Most?
To Help You SELL the Most?


We haven’t met, but the fact you’re still reading this letter tells me you’re serious about upping your sales game and are searching for the best sales training programs. That’s great! That means you’re already several steps ahead of many salespeople who just think of their job as a chore, a way to grab a paycheck. They don’t know what you and I know:

  • Selling can be one of the most rewarding careers you could hope for IF you’re doing it right.
  • You can get the satisfaction of helping other people make their lives better with the products or services you’re offering.
  • Maybe you’re still fairly new to sales, or maybe you’ve been at it a while and worry you’re stuck, that you’ve hit a plateau.
  • Either way, you want to know how to take your sales career to the next level.

So, stop and think for a minute about the people in your organization who are outselling you. What sets them apart? What gives them that edge of excellence you want for yourself?     Maybe they’re able to…

  • Fill their schedules with calls even when other sales reps complain that the lead sources are all dried up.
  • Connect quickly with customers, so customers feel comfortable, even eager to buy from them.
  • Anticipate and answer customers’ objections without batting an eye, meaning they rarely (if ever) lose a hot prospect.
  • Shorten the sales cycle, so they make more sales every day, week, month, and quarter than any other rep in your organization.
  • Live each day with enthusiasm and a super-positive mood, which makes them much more effective sellers.

Whatever it is, sales superstars perform at exceptional levels without even thinking about it. They’ve honed and OWN the skills that bring sales success!   My online course will give you the skills you need to perform at exceptional levels!  ____________________   What can you expect when you put the strategies in my online course to work for you?

  • MORE SALES – which can mean bigger paychecks and commissions!
  • MORE RESPECT – rewards and accolades will start coming your way, and YOU’LL be the new gold standard for sales in your company.
  • MORE SATISFACTION – and not just on the job, either, because the same qualities generating more sales generate a more positive outlook on life!

Quite simply, in my online Master Class, a gem among sales training programs because it comes to you from a REAL salesperson with more than 30 years’ experience, you’ll discover all you need to know about how to become the best salesperson you can possibly be, in the fastest way possible.


Who Am I And Why Can I Help You
Accelerate Your Sales Career?



My name is Dave Cook.

I’ve had a 30+-year career at various levels in the corporate world, including a proven track record of highly successful sales experience.

I’ve been a top producer and sales trainer for over 30 years. I’ve won the CEO/President’s Club Award for Outstanding Sales Achievement. I’ve also been honored to receive awards like the Joe Berneski Leadership Award for Outstanding Leadership Skills

I’m a leading authority on sales training, coaching, and sales motivation. My Amazon #1 bestselling book How To Be A Great Salesperson… By Monday Morning! – on which I’ve based this Master Class – has been selected as a “Top 10 Must-Read Book” three years in a row! And is now being translated into multiple languages and sold around the world.

I speak at major sales and leadership conferences in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, New Orleans and many other cities.   But don’t think I became a highly successful salesperson overnight.   I’ve faced the same struggles you’re likely facing now:

  • Prospects you just can’t seem to get interested in your product, no matter what you try…
  • Prospects who claim they just can’t make up their minds…
  • Would-be buyers who say they don’t have time to talk, or room in their budget…

Believe me – there’s not a bump on the road to successful sales I haven’t run up against.

But…I’ve found ways to get past those frustrations so YOU can make more sales, make more money, and make more customers happy. A better life for all. It’s a win-win just like it should be.

And in my online course, I’ll show you EXACTLY how I did it.

I’ve created this mast to deliver all the success secrets in my book (and more) “face-to-face” – going into things in much greater detail than I could in the book, and in a “live” style that will help you appreciate my information’s impact all the more.

I’ve done all the hard work and study for you – all you have to do is follow these strategies to skyrocket your sales. Soon, you’ll be able to look back and laugh at your current obstacles, just the way I’ve been able to!


Just Look at Everything You Get in This Comprehensive
Game Plan for Becoming “#1 Salesperson” Fast!


How To Be A Great Salesperson… By Monday Morning! is a 9-module course, with each module containing several bite-sized but value-packed videos.

Here’s a sneak peek at just some of what you’ll discover in the Master Class…

  • What separates sales stars from sales SUPERSTARS.
  • Why you need to understand customers don’t buy your products and services – they buy something else, and the sooner you know what that ‘something’ is, the sooner you’ll see your sales start to soar!
  • If you can manage to do this single thing when you first meet a customer, you’ve gotten yourself more than halfway to making the sale (and, no, it’s not getting their attention).
  • 6 simple ways you can motivate your customers to buy NOW.
  • The one word you should say over and over in your sales presentation (you won’t believe it will work, but I promise you it does).
  • The “Rocking Chair Technique” – how to get your customers in a buying frame of mind.
  • 2 key phrases that give customers ‘subliminal permission’ to buy what you’re selling.
  • How to use the power of suggestion to get people to buy before you’ve even finished your presentation.
  • When your customer says this ‘single’ word, pay attention if you want to increase your chance of making a sale.
  • Have you ever asked your customer’s forgiveness for doing your job? Find out why you should. This is critical.
  • Think people don’t like to be sold? I’ve got a story about a little old sailboat that’ll convince you otherwise – and reveal one of the most important lessons about sales you’ll ever hear.
  • Words and phrases that are definite deal-killers – find out what they are and how to avoid them.
  • Don’t know the answer to a customer’s question? Don’t panic! Here’s how to turn the situation to your definite advantage.
  • How do you know when it’s time to stop selling?
  • 14 “Sales Gold Nuggets” – If just one of these trustworthy tips work for you, your sales and your quality of life will go up!

Are you beginning to see just how practical my Master Class is?

Whether you are brand new to the business or a seasoned pro, you can put my proven tips and techniques into action instantly – on your very next sales call – and expect dramatic results!


So…What Does My Online Master Class Cost?

ANSWER: Not much compared with the increased revenue and recognition you’ll get as your organization’s leading salesperson!

I am so excited to be offering you this Master Class!

I’m 100% confident it has the potential to revolutionize your sales career.

I haven’t held back any of my hard-won knowledge and experience of how to make more sales, more of the time, until you’re the #1 salesperson in your company.

How To Be A Great Salesperson… By Monday Morning! Is going to put you light years ahead of other sales reps. It will shave more time off your learning curve than any other program I know of.

That’s what one of my satisfied customers, Mark, found when he started using the sales strategies I teach in my book and, now, available in my Master Class.

As I mentioned, what Mark Benver wrote me to say:

“Many sales trainers would say you’re giving too much information! I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars on books and audios over the years to get the ‘secrets’ to sales success, but very few of those ever measured up to what they promised. The quality of information found in your book is rare. Thank you!”

Now, how much is first-hand, real-world, tried-and-true training like this worth?

Well, you heard Mark. He paid thousands of dollars for information he thought would help him become a better salesman and had little to nothing to show for it.

But my information really turned things around for him – and I’m sure it will for you, too.

What is my investment?

You won’t have to pay thousands of dollars for it.

When you just get one additional sale from the information you discover in your Master Class you have either paid for part of it or all of it with your additional commission! Your Master Class will pay for itself MANY times over.

In the future, I’ll be charging $393.00 for this Master Class – and I believe it’s worth every last cent.

But if you take advantage of this limited-time pricing, you won’t have to pay even that much.

In fact, you can save up to $200 when you enroll right now.

Choose one of these two easy options to take care of your tuition:

OPTION # 1 – Three monthly installments of $79

OPTION # 2 – Save with a single investment of $193


And because I’m SO confident my  can help make you a much stronger salesperson, I offer you this guarantee:

If, within 30 days of your order, you’re not completely satisfied with the program, simply request a refund, and I’ll give you all your money back – no questions asked, and no hard feelings!

Here’s What to Do Next…

Climbing to the top of the sales ladder in your organization – getting your name in the leader board’s very top slot and hoisting that “#1 Salesperson” trophy in your hands – is completely within your reach.

It is NOT an impossible dream.

All you have to do is take action, right now.

Enroll in How To Be A Great Salesperson… By Monday Morning! and speed up your progress to peak sales performance. Get to the top of your game and STAY there, becoming the true sales leader you want to be and have it in you to be!


Dave Cook

PS #1 – Why stay endlessly frustrated with flat sales and few prospects for your career’s growth when you could see your sales, salary and commissions, and quality of life increase in big ways by putting my simple, tried-and-true sales techniques into practice as soon as your very next sales call? Get your copy of How To Be A Great Salesperson… By Monday Morning! right now!

PS #2 – Don’t forget: When you take advantage of this limited-time offer, you can save up to $200 off the full price of the course. That’s an incredible bargain for proven sales secrets that can lift you to the top of your organization’s sales ladder, so don’t wait – enroll right now!

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